Busy, busy, busy….

This last week we’ve DOUBLED in size!

We acquired the adjacent retail unit and added a door opening to connect the new space with our current sales floor. The store is still a bit of a mess right now as we re-arrange, but its coming along quite nicely.

Between the two main floors is a small connector room and “C & G Country Creations” of Lebanon Maine was quick to begin moving in from their single shelf unit!  They offer simple clean looking primitive style accent furniture pieces and tasteful home decor.

“Moon Mountain Soaps”, of Rowley Massachusetts, recently relocated their exquisitely crafted scented all-natural soaps from a single shelf unit to a finely decorated 8′ wall space.

Several of our vendors have upgraded their spaces…in fact, a couple have upgraded several times from a single shelf, to a whole 4 or 5 shelf unit, to a new “autonomous” retail space within the new “annex”. We can only assume they must be pleased with the sales and the service they have received since joining with us.

But dont let that discourage any of you budding entrepreneurs… with all this re-arranging,  tons of prime real estate has been made available for you to try your hand at low-risk retail sales and marketing.  So whether you need to clear a closet or a barn, make your own product or simply want to sell what you picked from last summer’s yard sales, you are welcomed to rent or consign with us.

Its been a crazy, chaotic few months.  We still havent set up a dedicated “Point-Of-Sale” system as we STILL havent added wifi, but…once we do, there will be even more exciting news to tell. But in the meantime, we are in the process of building a mobile app to keep us busy during the “closed” hours. Hopefully, it will up and running and available for download at “Google Play” and “iTunes” by early summer when the summer residents and visitors start pouring in from “away”.

Until Next Time….