DV Farm – Operated By Vets, For Vets

Homelessness and addiction….wish I could say my family knew nothing of this darkness firsthand but unfortunately, I cannot, and tragically, neither can tens of thousands of discharged, displaced and dysfunctional combat veterans.

Nancy and Joe (and myself) of Scentimental Resale have made an early  commitment to give back to the community whenever and wherever we feasibly can, so when I was invited by our son, Sgt Harry Seavey (US Army – Retired), to attend a fundraising event in Massachusetts to benefit the “DV Farm” of Gilsum NH,  I didnt experience a moments hesitation.

Homelessness and addictions are nearly insurmountable on their own, but when compounded by the culture shock of trying to find one’s place and adapting to a civilian world while dealing with the psychological and neurological trauma of warfare, many young men and women returning “home” become lost in hopeless despair.

Michael Rivers (aka “DV6”),  his wife, and a very small handful of  devoted volunteers have taken upon themselves to put their lives and personal fortunes on the line again to serve their “brothers” and “sisters”…those who have served us… by creating and maintaining an unaffiliated non-governmental non-profit group home and work farm to help integrate the most desperate of  our uniformed heroes back into society as functioning productive and appreciated members of civil society.

Crass, vulgar, foul-mouthed? Yes, all of the above and more. But the men and women I was surrounded by during a night of laughs provided by “Krazy Jake” were also respectful, courteous, kind and supportive…

“DV6” & Sgt Seavey with Scentimental Resale sponsored DVCV Racing #117

Please take a moment to visit The DV Farm website and consider making a small donation.

(PFC, US Army Infantry, 1983-1985)


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