Theres been ALOT Going On

Its been a crazy hectic couple of weeks, months actually, and its been a challenge to keep up online.

Sales averages and daily traffic have continuously trended upward despite the pitifully slow first two weeks of February when deep snow and cold winds kept EVERYONE huddled close to the woodstove at home.

Nancy & Joe have reserved a room for storage at the shop in their commitment to providing logistical support for local non-profit fundraising and volunteering efforts, and with the aid of a few great vendors and the endless support of customers, have found overwhelming success by exceeding their expectations to date.

Nancy has been in early preliminary discussions with a few local folks and community leaders about creating a community based business support network for micro-business start-ups and home businesses.

We’ve been monitoring the the progress, or lack thereof,  of the proposed gas station – RV/ Truck stop thats suppose to be built next door. The project is currently stalled at an impasse between the State DOT and the project developers, so that  puts Scentimental Resale in something of a “holding pattern” with signage and further growth. One way or another, this project has tremendous impact on the business.

I have purchased a second web hosting service and have been in the slow painful process of building a comprehensive shopping and marketing site for the store as we enter into the realm of digital currency and limited online purchasing. This will increases exposure and introduce a whole new customer base to Scentimental Resale.

Scentimental Resale is an associate sponsor of a new entry-level stock car racing team, “DVCV Racing” of New Durham NH. They are slated to enter 14 different weekend events throughout New Hampshire and Maine this summer. The first is coming up in April!  The team of two cars, a ’02 Chevy Cavalier and ’97 Nissan Altima, sport the colors of black, safety orange and zombie green. Scentimental Resale has reserved the trunk lid for zombie green graphics to advertise the shop and will maintain and update the teams webpage which will be hosted on the aforementioned hosting service.

The pic is the Altima as it heads to the shop for final mechanical prep…and then, GRAPHICS!


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